Declaration of  18 October 1992

His Excellency Haj Ali Tabandeh Mahboub Ali Shah

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate



For the sake of the repose of the pure spirit of Hazrat Aqa Riza ‘Alishah[1], may his grave be radiant, the qutb[2] of the eminent Ni‘matullahi Sultan ‘Alishahi Order, this faqir, Hajj ‘Ali Tabandeh, who has been honored in tariqah with the title Mahbub ‘Alishah, hereby offers this reminder of fourteen points, in honor of the Fourteen Innocents (Ma‘sumin),[3] to the faith illumined hearts of the fuqara of the Ni‘matullahi Sultan ‘Alishahi Order. These fourteen points are taken from the book of the fruitful life of faqr, learning and virtue of that noble man, so that by according themselves with them, his triumphant spirit may be pleased, and the fuqara may be provided with grace and blessings in this world and in the next.

 1. With the remembrance of God, make every moment count for all it is worth.

 2. Place your life under the heading of kindness to God's creatures.

 3. Strengthen the body, upon which the soul is mounted, with food, clothing and shelter that is the fruit of your own labor.

 4. Keep the jewel of humanity radiant with the light of faith.

 5. Secure the joy of the soul by love for the truth of gnosis (‘irfan).

 6. Quicken the flight of the spirit through the sky of gnosis (ma‘rifah), with constant remembrance of God, dhikr, and perpetual contemplation of Him, fikr.

 7. Illuminate the sky of the world of humanity with the light of the intellect.

 8. Do not offend the voice of conscience, and be in fear of the moment it should abandon you in anger, rising beyond the heavens.

 9. Keep before you the repeated recommendations of the qutbs of the eminent Ni‘matullahi Sultan ‘Alishahi Order, especially that which has been repeatedly emphasized by this faqir’s honorable father, to abide by the ordinances of the holy shari‘ah of Islam.

 10. Reading the book, Salih's Advice, and the other books of ‘irfan, gnosis, prevents one from unconscious slipping, and by studying these books keep away from instability of the self.

 11. Extinguish the spark of the appearance of strife instantly, for this kind of sobriety and wakefulness, in the view of the friends of God, the awliya, has unending rewards.

 12. Recognize that unity and convergence around the flag of Islam is the sole bulwark of salvation in today’s world.

 13. Protection of the family hearth, nourishing the family, attempting to bring stability to one's married life, and refraining from any kind of anger, jealousy or estrangement are all investments for one's tranquility and bring warmth to one’s life.

 14. Do not forget that service to one another is worship and smoothes one's daily life.

  This faqir, in performance of this momentous responsibility, which I have had no choice but to obey and carry out, desires of each of the Ni‘matullahi Sultan ‘Alishahi brethren the complete observance of these fourteen principles, for I see that even an instant of slipping in the application of any of them results in the loss of this world and the next.

And Peace be with you, and the Mercy of Allah and His blessings.

 A.H.L. 20 Rabi` al-Than i 1413

A.H.S. 26 Mehr 1371

October 18, 1992

On the occasion of the fortieth day after the passing of the Great Master Hazrat Aqa Riza ‘Alishah, may Allah raise his high honorable station.

 Faqir Hajj ‘Ali Tabandeh

Mahbub ‘Alishah

 [signed and signeted]

[1] Delivered by Hazrat Mahbub ‘Alishah on the occasion of the fortieth day after the passing of the Hazrat Riza ‘Alishah.

[2] The word qutb literally means “pole” and designates the leader of a Sufi order. [Tr.]

[3] They are ‘those preserved from sin’; innocents; this includes all the prophets, as well as, and especially in Shi‘i usage, the Fourteen Innocents: the Prophet, his daughter Fatimah, and the twelve Imams, Peace be with them all. [Tr.]


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تصوف ايران ۱۳۸۵

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