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The guiding leader towards Shariat and Tarighat, the one who has reached the summit of gnostism and annihilation, and who is to the consent of the Saints of God, our great and dignified Master Mr. Hajj Doctor Nour Ali Tabandeh, Majzoub Ali Shah the honorable son of his Holiness, the Qutb of all Gnostics, Hazrat Salih Ali Shah (May his grave be fragrant), set foot in the arena of existence on 21st Mehr 1306 Hijri Shamsi (solar calender) corresponding to 17th Rabi–ul-Thani Hijri Qamari (Lunar calendar) and coinciding with the birth date of Hazrat Nour Ali Shah, the second.

After passing adolescent age and getting trained under the care of his gracious father in his birth place Baydukht Gonabad, he learnt the rudiments of Islamic science and traditional astronomy and modern astronomy in his presence and left for Teheran. In the year 1324 Shamsi (solar calendar), he acquired a first grade Diploma in Literature and the next year obtained a Diploma in Natural Science from the Teheran Elmiyeh High School and  entered the law faculty of the Tehran University and in the year 1327 was successful in obtaining a BS degree (Bachelor of Science) in judicial law and simultaneously engaged in study and research on Islamic sciences, and specially learnt, religious jurisprudence and its principles by the side of the master of sciences Hazrat Reza Ali Shah and used to attend study classes of the late Ostad Shahabi and Ostad Syed Mohammad Mashkat and the late Sheikh Mohammad Sangalaji and meanwhile was employed in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the year 1329 he was transferred to the Ministry of Justice and was assigned as the Head of the Office of Guardianship of the Courts of Tehran and subsequently later as the advisor of the courts of the province of Tehran. In 1331 by the hands of his noble father, Hazrat Salih Ali Shah entered into the path of mystical journey and dervishhood and for the completion of his education, he left for France. In the year 1336 Khorshedi (solar calendar) after finishing his education in the field of French literature obtained his doctorate in the field of law and came back to Iran and continued work in various occupations in the Ministry of Justice.

During a few journeys to Europe, met repeatedly with Henry Corbin the well known French orientalist who was very much interested in the teachings and methods of Sultan Ali Shah and started a study with him in the aforementioned subject. Again in Shahrivar 1347 with a French government scholarship he went to Paris to study judicial law and engaged in research in the International Management Institute (PAII) and was successful in obtaining a diploma in judicial management.

After retirement in the year 1355, he acted as an attorney and in the same year went to Paris for study and research. After the revolution, for sometime he was the assistance director to the Ministry of Guidance and a member of the Management Board of Trustees of the Hajj Organization and then was appointed as the assistant director to the Ministry of Justice and Minister of Justice and in the month of Mehr 1359 with his own free will resigned.

During all the years of his occupation, he was well known specially among his co-workers for trustworthiness and soundness in behavior and speech and accuracy in work and in respect for law and its execution. His liberal thinking attitude and his activities in this aspect caused him to be imprisoned for about two years and for about six months of this period; he was confined to solitude confinement.

On the 11th Rabi-ul-aval 1413 Hijri (lunar calendar) equivalent to 18th Shahrivar 1371 Khorshidi (solar calendar) corresponding to the passing away of Hazrat Reza Ali Shah, permission was issued in his name to lead the congregational prayers by Hazrat Mahboob Ali Shah. And on the 9th Rabi-ul-thani  the same year, corresponding to  the 15th Mehr 1371 Shamsi coinciding with the death anniversary of Hazrat Saleh Ali Shah, a decree to guide with the title of Majzoob Ali was issued and on Tuesday 22nd Rabi-ul-thani in the year 1413 Qamari corresponding to the 29th Mehr 1371 Shamsi coinciding with the 40th day of the passing away of Hazrat Reza Ali Shah (lunar calendar) a decree was issued as His holiness’s successor with the title of Majzoub Ali Shah and on the 6th Ramazan 1417 corresponding to 27 Dey 1375 after the death of Hazrat Mahboob Ali Shah, officially took charge of the guidance of the faithful (Fughara).

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