Declaration of 31 January 2006

His Excellency Haj Dr. Nur Ali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah


"Hussein is my beloved, and I am a part of him"

said the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)

          The sacred month of Muharram is the reminiscent of the up-rising of Imam Hussain, the Lord of the Martyrs (A). The Ashūrā of Imam Hussain (the day of his martyrdom) is just like a fullsize crystal-clear mirror, which by a careful look at it the luminous beauty of Qur’ān and beautiful features of Islam could be seen. Although there has been no mourning rituals in Islam, but the reason why our magnanimous Imams (A) have recommended their followers to arrange such a mourning rituals in commemoration of their noblest grandfathers is that the Shiites (true followers of Imam Ali (A)) by taking part in the mourning assemblies to be acquainted with the luminous teachings and divinely ideals of the said sacred movement, which is one a kind in the history of the mankind. The holy movement was continued by Zainab (A) the Grand Lady of Islam as well as other infallible Imams (A). Everybody should be aware of so many lives which have been perished for guarding and revival of Islam and Glorious Qur’ān. Let us take the opportunity of having the sparkling light of this sacred objective to be shined into every corner of our personnal and social life.

Having this sacred month ahead, and taking into consideration the special status and situation of the world of Islam in the present period of time, there are certain recommendations which seems necessary to be made to Fuqarā (the disciples, the needers of Allah, the members) of Ne’amatollahi Orders of Gonabadi (God may make them successful). The following remarks are originated from a heart whose beatings are just for exaltation of Islam and glorification of the pioneer of Shiism in the world, the beloved Iran, which from bottom of my heart I wish their material and spiritual progress and development. I hope my dear brethren accept and perform enthusiastically my advice which the good of this world and the Hereafter is in them and would be pleasing to God and His divine guardians.

1-The continuation of mankind’s guidance has been due to the Imam Hussain’s Ashūrā and burdensome efforts of other Imams (A). The dignity, material and spiritual progress of humankind, especially the Shiites, have been obtained under the auspices of bright light of behaviours and statements of infallible Imams. Therefore Fūqarā’ who have the love and devotion of the prophet’s Family in their hearts and are proud of following their creeds, statements and behaviours, should make every effort to gain virtues, love, theosophy and knowledge from the way of living of Imam Hussain, The Lord of the Martyrs(A), and his magnanimous Companions. According to this important message that "All and everyday is Ashūrā and all and every place is Karbala". We are bound to communicate the inviting voice of the movment’s leader to the people of the world who said:" Is there anybody to give aid to me? We should make them understand that if you sincerely regret of not being under his leadership, so hear this voice and respond him. The positive and practical response to this invitation is following and honouring his practice and way of living.

2-Numerous lessons and messages could be understood from the Ashūrā of Imam Hussain(A), whose spirit and inward meaning is the subject-matter of guardianship and leadership of divine guardians. This is one of the most important and fundamental pillar of the religion. This is a divine gift and heavenly deposit. So that it would be a shame and pity that by contradictory behaviours and statement to the said sacred objective to sell it in exchange for a paltry price and worthless coins, as a result to stand at the same level of those persons who were motivated by greed and avarice to gain the kingdom of Rey so that killed the child of Honourable prophet(PBUH) and his beloved companions and gained nothing but ignominy and disgrace.

3-The conducting mourning assemblies should be free from any improper admiration and everything, which would be direct cause of insult to sacred beings of prophet’s Family (A) and resulting to underestimation of holy things in the sight of strangers and enemies of Islam. On the contrary the true position of this sacred up-rising should be clarified and explained.

4-Among other rights and expectations that Imam Hussain(A) and all divine guardians are looking forward to take place is that their adherents follow their examples. Almighty God has also enjoined the same deeds in Glorious Qur’an that says:" There are good examples in Messenger of God for you to follow". Therefore the main objective in conducting mourning assemblies is to get better knowledge of their way of living. Consequently two seedlings of love and knowledge would gradually develop the immature status of their follower to the experienced and perfect one.

5-Love, shall take the man up to the highest peak of gnosis(knowledge, mysticism and theosophy). As a result, submission and obeying the guardians of religion which is divine manifestation of the said fruitful tree, would be fertilized unto the follower of the mystical path..

6-The cordial manners showing love and affection towards the grandees and dignitaries are an indication of the degree of purity of intention and truthfulness of those who claim to be the true followers of Shiim and mystic poverty. One of the manifestation of this love, is to respect and treat with courtesy the friends and lovers of Imam Hussain(A) and the prophet’s Family(A). and also to pay homage to the sacred places and Hussainiehs which are built in his Holiness’s name and especially for conducting mourning assemblies. Therefore any attempt to defame the friends and lovers of the aforementioned magnanimous and his related places is an indication of mendacity and hypocrisy.

7-There are numerous lessons such as altruism, self sacrifice, resistance and patience in up-rising of Imam Hussain to be learned which are theoretical and practical knowledges for his lovers to follow.

8-Having loyal and faithful and united companions who loved their leader and had common goal was the main secret and mystery of Imam Hussain’s victory, therefore everyone of Fuqarā’ are bound to avoid the conflicts and disputes with one another and stick together in all aspects of their social life to attain the victory.

9-Breaking the limits and passing through red lines is one of the most important harmful activities which shall threaten the culture of a school of thought as well as a society. Innovation in religious commandments, violation of prophet’s orders and ruling for insulting Imam Ali (A) are the bare examples of the said breaking the limits. If we are not supposed to share the same fate and destiny of the violators and wish to attain prosperity and salvation, we ought to refrain from breaking the limits of saints and divine guardians.

10-"Enjoin the right (good) and forbid the wrong (evil)" which means to feel responsibility towards the fate of society has been one of the Imam Hussain’s up-rising. So that we are, as far as possible, bound to follow this goal and do not forget our responsibilities towards our society. Let us remember that in every group or society which the personal interests are preferred to public interests and social exigencies then their decline and fall would be inevitable.

11-The up-rising of Imam Hussain(A) and his companions did occur in a period of time that some people were fascinated to the social status and high-ranking positions. They preferred the animal way of living to humanitarian life, and were under the influence of vulgarity and ignorance

Since the appearance of things
Were chosen by the idiots.
The subtleties of affairs
Were hidden from them.

Awareness and resistance are two lessons which we should learn, at all times, from incident in Karbala.

12. The magnificent up-rising and holy war of Imam Hussain(A) has a definitive and inseparable connection with the advent and up-rising of the Upholder of the Family of Muhammad (Mahdi, the rightly guided one), May God hasten his glad advent.

Although His Holiness is our guide and protector and he is watching and controlling our deeds but, it is our deeds and behaviors which is the real cause of our deprivation from his blessing presence. According to the following adage" All and everyday is Ashūrā and All and every piece of land is Karbala". We ought to, by all means, listen to the voice of invitation of magnanimous and grandees (of religion) who say" Who is going to help to the cause of Allah?". And then by and making improvement in our deeds and statements to prepare the grounds for the advent of His Holiness. Namely the one who shall revive the goals of his magnanimous grandfather.

There is a tradition narrated from Imam Sadiq (A) which says:" so that, revive our commands, and God bless him who revives our commands." The sacred religion of Islam and the true Shiite school, possesses a perfect and comprehensive set of rules and regulations which if the theologians and the mystics of the path of certitude, communicate them to the people and its luminous teachings being enforced, then surely it would be the cause of progress in every aspects of human life, whether material or spiritual, and the true religiousness and real civilization would come along. Islam possesses canon law (religious law) as well as Sufi path (mystical path), and under the bright light of Qur’an and Family of Muhammad, which are two souvenirs left by Honourable prophet (PBUH) amongst Muslim community, One would be able to overcome the inward darkness and outward obstacles. There has always been existed and there still exist, during the occultation of the Lord of the Age (May God hasten his glad advent), the said two different branches, namely, theologians (canonists) and mystics of the path of Sūfīsm. And as it has been mentioned in the mystical works, including the noble treatise of "Salih Advice" whose author is my physical and spiritual father which is the instructional manual for the Fuqarā of this Order, containing comprehensive rules, whether formal or spiritual, and a brief of all tasks and duties of those journeying towards Allah, the aforesaid two branches are just as two hands of a person and/or two branches of an office. The canonists (theologians) are introduced as the leaders of Muslims and representatives of grandees to describe the rules and regulations of Islam, and the mystics are introduced as authorized perspicacity and agents for reforming the souls and purification and refinement of Characters. This unity and solidarity would be the essential source of promotion and development of the true religion of Islam and strengthening the rules and regulations brought by the Lords of the creatures (Muhammad the Chosen One PBUH).And it would be also a barrier to the interference of the enemies and the secret plots against Islam and the nation. In accordance with the policies of magnanimous predecessors and spiritual-poles of this noble Order, I have been also, in the past and present time, in contact with the theologians and there has been always the utmost kind relationship between us.

At this period of time, the deceived enemies of Islam and Iran attempt to falsify the beautiful features of Islam and true Shiism. They introduce Islam as the religion of terror and violence and introduce beloved Iran as a lawless country. But they ignore this fact that in early Islam, Imam Ali (A) who was a divine guardian (the Friend of God) and immediate successor and executor of Messenger of Allah, the one who was the most compassionate and sympathetic to Islam and well-informed to the circumstances of the world, was against assassination of Ūthmān (the third Caliph) and he even appointed his magnanimous son, the reminiscent of Messenger of God to protect Ūthmān. He used to say "in case the incident takes place then the assassination of caliphs would be common between Muslims". And we saw that the subsequent caliphs, even Ali (A) himself and Imam Hassan Mudjtaba (A) were both assassinated. Nowadays compared to the circumstances in the past, the solidarity and unity of Muslims is the most important issue and the most important obligations. I am (this Faqir) well-informed and aware of the great responsibility of mine, and the worry of tragic consequences of this anti-Islamic and anti-Iranian occurrences have occupied my mind thoroughly. On the basis of noble tradition, narrated from Messenger of Allah:"There are two groups of people who have broken my back (hit me hard). The rude and foul-mouthed scholars, and the ignoramus devotees." As it is observed, according to the realistic view of His Reverend, the said two groups, during the history of Islam and especially at present period of time, have been more than every other factors a constant threat against Islam and religious sanctuaries and Iranian nation. Therefore following my magnanimous predecessors and with regard to the responsibility of rendering service to Faqre (mystic poverty) and Fūqarā, I am interested to be in contact with jurisconsults and theologians negotiate the most important religious problems and national issues. But due to being occupied with the affairs of Fūqarā, and the more time—consuming jobs and dealing with a lot of correspondence, and sometimes because of physical weakness and being ill as well as being short in time especially for the issues pertaining to places other than Tehran, this responsibility could not be performed as I wish. Therefore I have appointed the dignified brother Mr. Hossain-Ali Kashani Beydokhti (may his successes be enhanced) as my representative to render this important task. Mr.Kashani is respectful to the scholars and theologians, and has special authorizations, whether written or verbal, from grand jurisconsults and is always in contact with them. He shall meet and send my greetings to those scholars and clergymen who are an exemplar of the sound tradition which reads as followers: "One who is in control of his "self", a guardian and protector of his religion, objector and against his carnal desires and obedient to the will and commands of his master, the Divine guardian". He will communicate to the divine clergymen who are considerate and sympathetic towards Islam and beloved people of Iran, that, although the acts of the human-like devils correspond with the following noble verse: "Their deeds are like a mirage in the desert".(Al-Nūr XXIV, 39) and Almighty God according to the following verse: "And they plotted and Allah also devised a plot and Allah is the supreme-Deviser". (Al-e-Imran III, 54) shall frustrate their sinister plots, and on the basis of the following verse:"Verily, we have sent down the protector of it" (AL-Hijr XV, 9). He has guaranteed the support and protection of Holy Qur’an and His divine guardians. However it does not mean that our tasks and responsibilities are cancelled. And according to the text of following saying:" All of you are considered as leaders and guides and all of you are responsible towards the folks." We are bound to make other people aware and alert of the situation. Since some misunderstandings and doubts have been propounded by several ignoramus or self-interested malevolent persons and those who are hostile and antagonist to the truth, about true Sūfism(mysticism) which is the real Shiism and straight path for love, loyalty and allegiance to the prophet’s Family(AS), so that Mr. Kashani while meeting the scholars and clergymen and researchers and those persons who are seeking the truth, shall try to remove all these doubts. And if some questions arises then he is authorized, as before, to answer the questions and explain the religious and mystical subject-matters. By virtue of the noble verse: "Invite mankind to the way of your Lord with wisdom and fair preaching and argue with them in the best manner." (Al-Nahl XVI, 125).

Mr.Kashani should through soft words and clear reasoning remove all doubts and guide them. He should do his utmost effort to establish unity among people and add to their enlightenment and render service to the God’s servants as far as possible. I ask humbly Almighty God for enhancement of his successes.

Praise and thanks be to God that almost all Fūqarā and brethren do perform their canonical and mystical duties and apparently show their affection and love towards exaltation of Faqre standard. Thus I convey my best greetings and thanks to all of them. And I do request you to pray for me.

Faqir, Hajj Doctor Nūr Ali Tābandeh Madjdhub Alishah
First of Muharram 1427 (Lunar Year A.H)
(January 31, 2006)



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