Declaration of  21 March 2007

His Excellency Hajj Dr. Nour Ali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah


Oh you, who change the state and conditions, transfer our state to the best conditions.


Eid Norouz (Iranian New Year Feast) the ancient remembrance of Prophet Zoroaster (peace be upon him) and the eternal heritage of the great and noble people of Iran, begins by the commencement of the spring season and re-birth of nature with all its flourishing greenery and beauty. All the eastern nations particularly the Iranians go towards welcoming this feast (Eid) and strive to celebrate it with pomp. In reality it is considered as a manifest symbol of the revival of social justice and this spring of nature is the spring of love, to the mettle of mankind and truth and has roots in the ancient customs of this land and for this very reason, in the length of history, foreign powers or aliens (strangers) who invaded into this holy land and however hard they endeavored to abolish this national and religious custom and instead impose their culture and civilization on the people of Iran. In front of the powerful forces and resistance of the brave and honorable people of Iran they became powerless, on the contrary, they were attracted and accepted our customs and in reality, Nourouz and the customs of this auspicious feast is a symbol of perseverance and cultural stability against the political oppression of aliens and anti-Iranian people, and carries this message that we should with firmness and our national identity and independence which is peace and friendship and unity and happiness support and defend it continuously.

Fortunately, the holy religion of Islam and its great Prophet as well as the guiding Imams (peace be upon them), also considered whatever was among the common laws and customs of every tribe and people and were not in opposition with divine teachings and the human nature, not only did not disapprove but confirmed it, just as Hazrat Imam Jaffar Sadegh (peace be upon him) according to whatever has been narrated in the books of traditions and supplications, has instructed to take ablution and wear new clothes and even to hold special fast and prayers and supplicate during the transition of the year to the new year. In this way, Nourouz was a national tradition and also a religious feast, particularly according to some narrations and past histories, the opinion of investigators is that, the important event of Ghadir Khom which is an honor for the Shias and a historical Shias chronicle and from the point of view of the solar calendar coincided with the Iranian New Year (Nouroz). Therefore, whenever religion and customs do not permit aliens and enemies to destroy firm traditions, undoubtedly, Sufism and Gnosticism which has roots in the divine nature of mankind and which originated from the soul and spirit of mankind, especially the spirit of Islamic religious laws and the interior of the glorious Koran remains protected from the treason of enemies.

Sufism has associated as such with the liking of the honorable people of Iran, that its valuable Iranians prose and poems without the taste of Gnosticism and the savory of Islamic mysticism would be like a dead body without soul and incongruent meal, and has dedicated great Sages of mysticism and Gnosticism such as Maulawi, Hafez, Saadi and Jami and Attar and Sanaie, whose masterpieces are the best and the most valuable cultural heritage of Iran and Islam and cannot be wiped out from the page of the soul of the infatuated of the school of love to spirituality. Therefore, according to the noble verse “what is with you passes away and what is with Allah is enduring[i] whatever has the tincture and roots related to God has connection with eternity and cannot be annihilated, and in continuation of this verse that, God says to those who increase their endurance and faith and patience and stability against those who strive without results to blow out the light of the truth of the sun by their poof, and says: We reward those who had patience with what the best they have done”, historical events and occurrences has shown that in contrary to what appears to be, the hostility of the enemies with the truth is one of the factors for development of truth and confirmation of the oppressiveness of its followers and causes the wronged to be destroyed, as further said:

Thus, we have verily experienced in this belated retribution,

whoever was against Ali and his followers was abolished.

For strengthening the foundation of the way of Sufism and Gnosticism, which is the same truth of Shiism and acceptance of the invitation “who will help me to God”, that God promised the reward of this in the verse of “if you assist God, you will be assisted and your footsteps will be stabilized”. In the vanguard of the new year I would like to mention a few points, which may have been repeated before, but would like to remind once again for the faithful and , I request, all the faithful that to oblige themselves to follow them and review this message occasionally and to read them in Sufism sessions in and outside of Iran and all consider its articles as a summary of the faithful’s commitments and teachings of the school of Sufism.

1)             The canon laws (Shariat) and the inner path (Tariqat) are a unique truth and are the two sides of a divine coin and cannot be separated from each other. The Fughara (faithful) are obliged likewise to observe the commandments of the holy canon laws and also rules of Sufism and Tariqat; which are the spirit of shariat’s practices. Following (Imitation) is not only permissible but, it is necessary to do research based upon thoughts and reasoning.

2)             Participation in Sufi sessions that its inferring authorization has been issued by the Messenger of Allah and the Immaculate Imams (peace be upon them) and is a session for the remembrance of God (zekr) and to learn the religious rules, and cultivation of morals, and meeting the faithful and purifying the soul and emptying the self from carnal resentment and worldly interests, particularly in this age is of the most important duties of the Fughara and causes uniting of the hearts and weakens the hostility of the enemies.

3)             Keeping awake at dawn, prolonged continuity in maintaining cleanliness, reciting the Koran and pondering and contemplation in its noble verses and implementing the teachings of this heavenly book and intimate supplication with God and seeking help from the interior of God’s Saints and holding fast to the two remembrance of the great Prophet (Peace be upon him) that is the Koran and the chain of divine leaders, which cause luminosity and purity of the heart, and which attract of favors and descent of blessings and repel of calamities, and pouring of the divine mercy; the Fughara should not deprive themselves from this proximity and intersession “If the inhabitants of the towns believe and keep piety, we will open blessings for them from the sky and earth[ii].

4)             All, even the foolish and obstinate, expect kindness and forgiveness and generosity from the school of Sufism and from every single Fughara and this is one of the reasons for the righteousness of Gnosticism and Sufism. Thus, with the decree of this noble verse “let them forgive and show indulgence. Do you not love that Allah should forgive you? Allah is forgiving, merciful[iii] since, we all, expect pardon and forgiveness for our sins and mistakes from the Beloved; we must then increase upon love, sincerity and kindness and forgiveness in relation to each other. In commencement of the New Year, it is expected, that in case, even if there was any resentment, by Musafeheh[iv] with each other and heartfelt forgiveness, be changed to serenity and sincerity in the way of pleasing Maula (Master); be united, “as solid structures” and in case of resentment between two Faghirs, other have duty as far as possible to take steps to remove such differences, that “make peace between your brotheren”.

5)             Education in sciences and raising the level of scientific information of the Fughara, reading religious and Gnostic books and strengthening the foundations of thought are of important factors for the removal of doubts and repelling cultural aggression against the school of Gnosticism and fortifying the opinions of the Fughara themselves, because the trickery of the enemies is that they want the people to remain continuously in ignorance, however much, the progress of science and technology in the world increases, the righteousness of Gnosticism will become clearer.

6)             Respect and politeness in regards to the public and to the forerunners in faith, particularly the respected authorized Sheikhs of the Order and those who are authorized are necessary for the Fughara. Of course, they too in relation to the Fughara particularly the young and novices in Gnosticism, train them in Gnostic manners with the upmost level of love and kindness

7)             As the Sheikhs and authorized of the Order have the highest love for this Faghir and in fulfillment of entrusted duties to them endeavor, and pay attention to the direction of command, I am thankful and grateful and expect that in relation to each other also, observe the requisite of this love and respect increasingly and in this matter be a model for the Fughara.

8)             Strengthening the foundation of the family and love between the members of the family always result in the pleasure of God and His Saints and has a very effective role in training of children who are the future-makers of the society, because the responsibility of tomorrow too will be on us.

9)             Although from the first announcement, it has been reminded and the practice of the Masters of the Order had always been this, and on those of understanding and foresight is not hidden, but once again it is stressed that the ordinance of Tarighat and Sufism and Sufi sessions, has never been adherent to any politics and party, and in other words, Sufism will not interfere in politics, because it is a commandment of the heart and spirit, but individual Fughara are free to choose any political policy which should be in the confines of the school of Islam and with the motive of service to the bondsmen of God with their own contemplation; this matter should not be mistaken by means of performing social services and lawful activities, which is a common duty.

10)         Pilgrimage to the House of God and fulfillment of the Hajj rites for all able individuals is compulsory and attention to its Gnostic mysteries is beneficial for all and all desire that, even if this state of grace has been honored to us before, as a religious duty, again be favored. Likewise visit to the graves of the pure Imams and the Saints of religion (peace be upon them), among them visit to the graves of the gracious Masters of the Order are encourageable as an act of righteousness and the visit to the dignified Shrine of Baydukht where it is the place for the decent of divine illumination and the burial place of the perfumed bodies, who spent their years in the way of guiding and training the bondsmen of God, and many of the Fughara have comprehended the presence of some of them, bringing about the pleasure of the spirit of the gracious Masters and acquired their blessings. At the time of visiting Mecca the Reverend, Madineh the radiant, and sacred places of martyrdom, to visit (supplicate) on behalf of this Faghir and pray (supplicate) for all the bondsmen of God, and during the journey to Baydukht and while resident there, carry out all the points and pay attention to the announcement issued to visiting devotees and which has also been posted in the courtyard and all the rooms, and apply them and from the blessings of staying awake at dawn and during supplication and prayers not to neglect the congregational prayers.

11)         The policy of the enemies of Gnosticism and Velayat (Sainthood) in the course of the great history of Sufism and Shiaism is not concealed from anyone, but the duty of the Fughara is the very same, to offer flowers against stones and consider it to be divine examination and test and to have patience and endurance and resistance and supplicating to the palace of truth and paying attention and endurance of the remembrance of God and continuous thinking (meditation) and to cleanse the heart of whatever other than Maula (Master) and to increase kindness and to supplicate for the guidance of them and to await for improvements.

12)         The performance of charitable affairs and helping the bondsmen of God in any field is an example of services and having compassion on the creation of God, which are of commitments of faith and a duty of all the Fughara in any period and does not need a specific name and title. Brothers in faith with co-operation of each other and with love and unity, perform all their services in harmony and in a well ordered manner since, the numerous titles is a manifest sign of scattering and differences, particularly in the sight of public and enemies. Emphasis which has been made about maintaining order in lines during the congregational prayers, that I have repeatedly reminded of and should be observed, also with this very purpose is very much effective, in the training and unity of the heart and solidarity.

13)         The observation of law is essential for all the individuals of the society, Fughara are also obedient to the laws and this method by itself is the best practical answer to the law breakers and an attempt in the direction of making a society lawful.

14)         The fugara who have the honor of being the twelve Imams Shias and are awaiting for the appearance of the luminous light of the Ghaim (resurrector) successor of Mohammad may God hasten his appearance; it is necessary during the awaiting period which is a period of great duty and crucial responsibility, take steps by repentance from our sins and performance of good deeds and good disposition, and all such that, pleases the blessed heart of the chivalrous Imam and make available the foreground of appearance. It is hoped that we be among the followers of the victorious stride of His Excellency.

Fortunately, the 1st day of Farvardin this year coincides with the 1st of Rabi-ul-Awal and the month of birth of the reverend Prophet (peace be upon him) and Imam Sadegh (peace be upon him) and that to be taken as a good omen and has accompanied the glad tidings of welfare and happiness and affection and brotherhood and mercy and favor and success, from this aspect I render my congratulations and felicitations to all the Muslims and Iranians and the Fughara and ask for health and success for all from the heavenly court of God and desire “conquest comes from God and victory is near”.

Beseech for your prayers:

Faghir Hajj Dr. Nourali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah

1st of Farvardin 1386 Shamsi (Solar calendar)

[i]-The Bee, verse 96.

[ii] -Araf, verse 96.

[iii] -Nour, verse 22.

[iv]- Musafeheh takes place between two believers with their right hands by joining thumbs and fastening their other fingers and consecutively kissing each other’s hands.



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