Declaration of  21 March 2013

His Excellency Hajj Dr. Nour Ali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah


In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Reached the glad tiding that times of grief will not prevail.

Such did not prevail and such also likewise will not prevail.

I render my felicitations and greetings for the year of 1392 Solar calendar to all Iranians and Muslims, specially the fughara (dervishes) of the honorable Nimatullahi, Gonabadi Spiritual Order (May the Almighty God grant all of them success).

The Spring season which is the transformation and revival of nature, and the ceremony of Nourooz which is held in this season is remembrance of Zoroaster the Prophet (AS) and custom of most people of Iran, and has been confirmed from the Imams and Spiritual leaders of the true religion of Islam; and Hazrat Imam Sadiq (AS) also has instructed prayers during the time of transition to New Year and all have mystical indications and instructions. In the prayers which has been ordered by Hazrat Sadiq (AS) to which we offer to the kingdom of the Almighty God: O' Transformer of hearts and sights and O' Administrator of night and day and O' Changer of power and conditions, change our condition to the best conditions. It is an indication to this that the authority of all affairs is in hands of God and we must appeal to Him and want Him, and to start any change and reform at the outset initially from ourselves; and the best petitioned feeling in this prayer and the source of all our actions and sayings, are feelings that are desirable by God and that state is not except to be with God and to remember Him; that the remembrance of God is tranquility of hearts and cleanser of darkness. Thus with divine dispensation and seeking help from the interior of the rightful Saints and upright resolution and strong will, start transformation from self. During the transmigration of new year, just as we clean our homes and the place where we live from impurities and get ready and look forward to entertain guests; engage our heart in God's remembrance and the body in His worship and endeavor to be at services of His servants and try to water the huge sky high tree of faith which is the endowment of the Almighty God and God through this blessing on the faithful has obliged them with GOOD THOUGHT and GOOD SPEECH and GOOD DEEDS till the occult guest along with the life giving spring breeze which is a pleasant melody of hope and love and welfare and success on our hearts blows into our hearts and descend with glory in our heart, and liven our hearts soul, with pure life and light.

Maulavi (May Allah's mercy be upon him) has requested this very best condition in his own language and interpretation from God and knows it as the roots of all happiness and has said:

O' origin of origin of every happiness,

come into my spirit happier.

I hope the Merciful God grants us this year, a year with blessings and welfare and prosperity and success and external and spiritual development and removing all difficulties and problems for all fellow countrymen, Muslims and fughara.

At the inception of the New Year, just like in the past year, I draw the attention of the fughara to the points, though repeatedly, and expect them to continuously have them in their sight and pay attention to them:

1) Precepts of Sharia are preservers and protectors of inward etiquettes of Tarigha (spiritual path) and precepts of the heart and spiritual path are the spirit of exercises and duties of Sharia. Therefore, it is continuously stressed to execute the precepts of Sharia, which is the first step of mystical journey towards God and is and always has been a privilege of this honorable spiritual order and the wayfarers towards God by performance of duties, and attentiveness and practice of spiritual etiquettes reach the truth which is to know God.

2) Presence in gathering of the fughara on nights of Friday and Monday which have been continuously emphasized by the illumined righteous, in this time is more significant. That the fughara with the state of attention and silence and observance of order and etiquettes of Sufi gathering participates, so in addition to spiritual benefits, causes more agreement and unity, and removes  difficulties and causes acceptance of prayers and satisfaction of God and the illumined righteous is in this. And the fughara regard His Holiness Maula as the founder of Sufi gathering in all cities within and outside the country wherever there is a Sufi gathering, and even if there is disagreement with the owner of the house shall not be a cause for non- attendance in sufi gathering and should know that the moments of formation of sufi gathering is the foundation of the true grandeur of spiritual guardianship of the illumined righteous.

3) Speech and behavior of the Sheikhs and those authorized of the Spiritual Order, likewise among  the fughara and also among seekers of the path and also in the eyes of those against dervishood is of more attentiveness, therefore it is expected to observe the outer unity and love and respect to each other and avoid from whatever are the cause of complains and protests of elites and peoples and try in uniting the hearts.

4) Since the school of true shiism and mystical wayfaring is to follow the Immaculate Imams (peace be upon them); the performance of any affair depends on the permission of the Spiritual Guide of the time. Therefore, interpretation of the Holy Koran and explanation of mystical subjects should be done from the side of those who are appointed and authorized. Therefore, those who don’t have definite and formal permission in this regards should refrain from discourses, interpretation and explanation. Likewise, in case that fughara refer to such individuals or ask question and hear answer, consider them as their personal understanding and views.

5) Attention should be paid to this that sometimes interpretations that exist in some social groups, also is used in case of fughara of this Order that is not correct. Among them, it is the expression of "call" as evoking all dervishes to gather. This method is not prevalent in fughara and we do not have "call" in this Order, because a believer then is a true believer when he is like the self of his brother in faith. So that whenever one of the parts is in pain or difficulty the rest of the parts set in motion and become aware. Just as the great Prophet (PBUH) said: "The faithful are similar to one unique self" and Maulavi (Allah's mercy be upon him) in explanation of this honorable narration has said:

The spirits of wolves and dogs are separate,

but the spirits of God's lions are united,


in the same way the light of heaven's sun

is a hundred in relation to the courtyard of houses


but all their lights are one

when you remove the walls from between,


when the bodily houses have lost their foundations

the believers become like a single soul

6) That which is currently in practice is messages sent by mobile phones and announce that it has been issued by the Qutb of the Order. All fughara should know that whenever a directive is issued and enforceable it will be announced explicitly from the Master of Authority of the time. Hence, do not pay attention and do not propagate such messages, which are possibly from uninformed individuals or trickeries of the enemies of Gnosticism.

7) In some Medias, individual or persons are designated and introduced as spokesman of this Order that is not true. It must be noted that in this Order, it is possible that there are authorized persons for giving speeches in Sufi gatherings or on religious occasions but there is no person as spokesman of the Order.

8) Consolidated base and constant principles of faqr and dervishood and Sufism school of thought are peace and serenity and love and loyalty to all the bondsmen of God and compassion to creations of God are commitments of faith of all believers. Fortunately, in this time, this truth is clear for all inhabitants of the world that the fughara are in peace with all. We are not at war with anyone and are not denizens of conspiracy and disturbances. But in friendship we resemble limpid water, and in defense of our doctrine we are firm and like granite stone. Dervish should only struggle with carnal desires and the inner devil of self all the time and we must have domination on ourselves; it is in this manner that we can perform our duties in faith and compile our own destiny. We don’t consider sovereignty over the heart in comparison to sovereignty over material body, because sovereignty over the heart is joint with eternity and sovereignty over the material body is mortal.

9) Resentment and disagreement of the fughara with each other is a sin and is obstacle to worldly and afterlife blessings and also according to the noble Verse (verse 46 surah Al Anfal)[1] "Do not dispute with one another and lest ye lose your strength and greatness and reputation."

Clear prohibition has reached us through this verse; therefore, the fughara should refrain from any type of aberrant speech and behavior which is a cause of resentment and annoyance, and traverse the way of kindness and friendship to each other by means of love and affection. In the beginning of the New Year even if two believers have resentment with each other perform Musafahah[2] with serenity of the heart and choose the satisfaction of God and His Saints against the satisfaction of devil.

we shall show loyalty, bear blame and be happy,

that in our way annoyance is like blasphemy.

10) The honorable Prophet (PBUH) has advised marriage and establishment of family as dearest foundation and structure with God; and divorce except in inevitable cases is detestable to God and His Prophet and causes disintegration of families and distress of children; then it is necessary that wife and husband with the two Koranic essentials of love and mercy preserve this structure and keep this union warm and abstain from divorce and separation that unfortunately has been increased in our society and in training of children who will be the future teachers of the society, endeavor so that they can be liable to divine blessings and mercy and also observe the rules pertaining to reverences about parentage and kinship.

11) Fughara in all subjects of  material, worldly, selection of spouse, occupational, family matters, medical not to refer to the Messrs. Sheikhs and not to ask them for definite and imperious instructions and the Messrs. Sheikhs not to interfere and express viewpoints, rather should attend to more spiritual and mystical training of the fughara;  and fughara also in such instances, should not interpret their expressed viewpoints as commands or prohibitions of Sharia and Tarigha and solve their problems of living and worldly affairs by applying the power of reason and thought and in case of necessity solve the problem by consultations with knowledgeable persons or specialists in that matter and as far as possible except in exceptional cases no need for bibliomancy. Likewise, the Messrs. Sheikhs also avoid from expressing viewpoints and issuing religious decree (Fatwa) in matters of canonical matters especially those that they are not certain in correctness, and also avoid expressing their own inferences and descriptions of whatever they hear from this faghir to others.

12) Just as it has always been the method of this honorable Order and the Masters of the Order who repeatedly recommended and emphasized that Gnosticism does not interfere in politics. Hence, in social matters such as elections do not come to ask questions because it is subject to this very principle. The fughara as an Iranian citizen are free in such instances to make decision, of course, it is necessary to choose a method so that it is not against sacred religious precepts and it is not to cause inconvenience and torment to the servants of God, and the fughara as much as possible be in concordance with each other.

13) The Sultani luminous Holy Shrine of Baydokht that at present is the sacred mausoleum of four honorable Guardians of the Order and is a place that is circumambulated by the devoted, and for all the believers is a place of respect and considered as sacred, and a place for acceptance of prayer. Travelers and pilgrims to this sacred place should pay attention and execute the directives issued and posted in the courtyard of the Shrine and rooms during their stay. The dear Baydokhtees (inhabitants of Baydokht) should also know the worth of this honorable Shrine and should be model to others.

14) Wakefulness at dawn and silent prayer to the threshold of the Needless God and obedience to the precepts of God and the reciting of Holy Koran and pondering in the meaning of this divine book and its teachings, and setting them as program for individual and social lives, and compassion and kindness to the servants of God brings removal of anxiety and acceptance of prayers. The house of the heart must be emptied from vengeance and hatred and enmity and lust and hypocrisy and whatever except God so the Divine Beloved dwells in it.

Go wipe the house of heart

provide the position for the Beloved


whenever you get out he will enter

He shows Himself to you without you

Fagir (believer) is strong and un-defeatable and firm-footed and zealous and vigilant and aware in his own religion and is waiting for good end and conclusion. Different kinds of difficulties and hardships do not create feebleness in him rather increases his resistance. Fughara (believers) like a strong constructed building with unity and agreement and love and alliance set the consent of God as their model in attending Sufi gatherings and move in the path of spiritual and incorporeal perfection and resort under the favor of the Saints of God.

Hope that the Almighty God grants our prayers, and illuminate our hearts' eyes with the luminosity of His Holiness Qaim Ale-Mohammad (may the Almighty God hasten his appearance).

O God, please freshen our spirit from yourself and let our hearts be in your remembrance and let our eyes see your lightening.

O' Allah, our Lord, send down to us food from heaven which should be to us an ever-recurring happiness to the first of us and the last of us, and a sign from Thee, and give us sustenance and Thou art the Best of the sustainers. (Surah: Al Ma'idah, Verse: 114)

And be not infirm and be not grieving and you shall be higher if you are true in faith.

I beseech for your prayers


Hajj Dr. Nour Ali Tabandeh, Majzoob Ali Shah

1st Farvardin 1392 (Solar Calendar)

[1] وَلاَ تَنَازَعُواْ فَتَفْشَلُواْ وَتَذْهَبَ رِيحُكُمْ.

[2] Musafahah takes place between two believers with their right hands by joining thumbs, fastening their other fingers and consecutively kissing each other's hand.



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