Declaration of  21 March 2015 (Nowruz 1394)

His Honorable Hajj Dr. Nour Ali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah






O! You who changes the hearts and visions,

O! You who directs the night and day,

O! You who changes situations and dispositions,

Change our dispositions to the best of dispositions.


I extend my felicitations and greetings on the auspicious Nowruz, God willing, the Almighty will give us a positive response to our Eid prayer. The Nowruz celebrations is the greatest and the most original tradition and custom of ancient Iran and celebrating, in truth is to praise and extol to the divine kingdom for the commencement of a new year and the Iranians from olden times by adhering to the Prophet Zoroaster (AS) used to celebrate and benedict to the threshold of the divine Truth.

The Nowruz is a symbol of the spring season which manifests revival and wakefulness of nature from the winter slumber. The Nowruz is a type of divine breath which livens and freshens this material world till the radiant sun of divine love from the horizon of the soul rises, and blows the breeze of blessings and kindness of the Lord on souls. This transition is the spring of the inside of the Gnostic. From this point of view there is always celebration for the Gnostic.


Gnostics in every breath have two festivals;

Spiders hunt the dried meat of flies.


The sacred religion of Islam and the honorable Prophet (PBUH) confirm and approve any nation’s custom and culture which is connected to the principles of Islam, especially which ever has a divine aspect; therefore, have confirmed Nowruz celebrations. According to narrations which the renowned savant Abu Raihan Biruni (May God’s mercy be on him) in his book i>“Aathar al baqiyah” mentioned and narrates from Abdullah bin Abbas: One day a group of companions of His Holiness the Messenger (PBUH) brought sweetmeats in a silver dish to the presence of His Holiness. His Holiness asked: What is this? They said: These are Nowruz sweetmeats. His Holiness said: What is Nowruz? They said: It is a great feast of the Iranians. His Holiness delivered a speech on the reality of Nowruz and thereafter ate some from those sweetmeats and distributed the rest among his companions. This same event during the time of our master His Holiness Commander of the Faithful (AS) took place when His Holiness said to those present of his devoted companions: May the Almighty God ordain all your days as Nowruz. His Holiness Imam Jafar Sadiq (AS) also confirmed the ceremonies of the Iranians’ Nowruz, and taught some prayers with the context of mysticism for the transition time of the year which I hope with the grace of those prayers the Almighty God “who changes situation and dispositions” favors us with the best of conditions He prefers. Though, astronomically the synchrony of Eid of Ghadir with Nowruz is not definite, but, since the Iranians know the full manifestation of Eid and its highest meaning as Eid of Ghadir, and from this point of view always hold Eid, therefore from the spiritual aspect, they interpret and explain Eid of Nowruz to Eid of Ghadir.

II dedicate my greetings and felicitations for this Eid to all my Iranian countrymen and specially to the dear dervishes and request from the kingdom of the kind God to grant all the dervishes the favor of health and prosperity and success and descend his blessings and mercy and remove difficulties and hardships from all the dervishes with His grace and generosity and grant us the favor of gratitude in this year.

I would remind some necessary instances and hope the Almighty God gives the dervishes the favor to execute these points:


1) Categorization of any subject -prima facie- is not an indication of multiplicity and being numerous by no means, but rather it is for better understanding. The fundaments of the rightful sect of Shiism is spiritual guardianship and successorship of Ali (AS); and in depth perception and knowledge of Islamic teachings is mysticism and whoever wants to take steps on the basis of this episteme (mysticism), his program is Sufism. Thus Sufism is the method of traversing and conduct, and mysticism is the episteme of traversing. Dervish has both and should take steps towards their perfection, but the ignorant and enemies who are lurking deem Sufism and mysticism as separate.


2) Real traversing and conduct fulfill in dervish-hood and dervish and the honorable Prophet (PBUH) who was on the sublime summit of episteme of God and leader of the convoy of the dervishes on the right road and Gnostics who know God. “It is an honor for me to be a dervish” proclamation of that Holiness is manifestly a clear indication; for this kind of dervish-hood that is necessity to the Truth and needlessness from the creatures; and the principles of real Sufism and Gnosticism are the same principles of the holy religion of Islam and the Twelver Shiism; and of its essentials for all dervishes is to abide the commandments of sharia and rules of tariqa. Because sharia and tariqa are complimentary to each other for reaching the truth and episteme; and compassion and kindness to all the bondsmen of God and respecting all followers of sects and honoring the greatness of humans beings andb> observing genuine balance and moderation in all beliefs and dispositions and temperaments which have been stipulated in the noble verse of “And thus We willed you to be a moderate community” (Surah: Al-Baqarah, Verse: 143). Behavior of a real mystic must both observe the outward and sharia mores and simultaneously pay attention and be absorbed in depth and meaning of that which is tariqa and at the same time to respect God’s servants and serve them sincerely as he knows serving them is to serve their Maula and Master. Meanwhile, the dervishes of this order do not belong to any political party or group, but they are free to participate in social activities on condition that it is not against sacred religious laws and does not cause annoyance and inconvenience and be in the direction of serving the servants of God.

Then the prophecy leads to freedom; freedom from the bondage of devils. Any work and accompanying with other bondsmen of God, policy and administration of society should be according to the divine commands and not for the aim of governing that such policy has no way in dervish-hood in the pure presence. Thus by taking the principles of this sacred school into consideration, all blame and accusation which the dervishes of this order are accused of has old precedent records and have no basis. Of course, during the times of the Imams (AS) also the Shiites and the honorable righteous and the Imams themselves were accused by these accusations, to such an extent that His Holiness Master of the Martyrs (AS) was martyred with a religious fatwa (decree) of being stranger (out of religion). At this time also this method is unfortunately being continued. Publishing and propagating accusations do not bring about a flaw in bases of this Order and not only is a cause of worry to the dervishes but rather increase their steadfastness of belief and faith and their endurance in the straight path of guardianship - thanks God. Thanks God, the manifestation of divine freedom, with the deliverance of some friends who were in unjust captivity and likewise release of the rest who are unfortunately still in captivity, God willing will be finished and will be fulfilled.


3) While thanking the Gentlemen Sheikhs for their endeavor and services, I remind that their behavior and speeches and the way of their meeting are effective on the morale of the dervishes and strangers. Thus, during their presence and absence remember each other with goodness and observe mutual respect and have in mind the principle of unity and since according to circumstances some decrees and permissions have been issued for some dervishes and according to some expedients, owners of those permission were exempted from the honorary services, they themselves should not expect and hope anything special from the dervishes; but rather like the rest of the dervishes are respectful and also the gentlemen Sheikhs and the permitted congressional-prayer leaders should pay attention to their accompanies because sometimes some individuals misuse from the companionship and honorary engagement in services; and meanwhile refrain from attendance in gatherings and assemblies where they could be suspected and accused.


4) In dervish-hood we don’t have secret permission and secret authorized persons; and those authorized in any affair are specified and limits of their permissions have been determined and any authorized should not violate and exceed the limits of his permission. Therefore, just as I announced in the last proclamation (30/01/2014) in case individuals who claim that some permission is granted to them or perform doubtful actions and interfere in the various affairs of dervish-hood, it is unjust and not correct; and specially they must not visit ladies privately. Dervishes should know that the claim of such individuals is false and it is possible to be intended to defame this respectable order.


5) This dervish has no secret message, and in case there is a necessary notification or directive for dervishes it will be announced explicitly in writing or through the gentlemen Sheikhs or permitted persons of the cities, hence if some messages were published besides this way in the name of this dervish, it is void and the dervishes should not pay attention to and propagate it.


6) We all dervishes are obliged to serve the believers and serving is of faith’s commitments. Because in some cities some dervishes under the title of attending to the affairs of dervishes render services via a council, it is very praiseworthy but establishment of this council under any title should not bring about displeasure and dispersion, but rather more harmony and unity and increase the state of disposition of love and also does not bring about expectation and hope outside the limits.


7) Since in dervish-hood the performance of every affair must be done according to the permission of the Guide of the time, interpretation of Koran and lecturing in Sufi assemblies and explanation of the mystical topics are subject to permission. Therefore, those who don’t have explicit and formal permission in these matters should not engage in oration, explanation and interpretation. Those gentlemen who have been given such permission should observe the limit and boundary on explanation of subjects and refrain from expressing their own viewpoints or attributing this dervish with misdeed and improbable behavior and speech and refrain from exaggeration and overestimation.


8) The more love and forgiveness and unity and agreement of dervishes with each other attracts the satisfaction of God and His guardians and will bring about descent of blessings and abundance and granting of invocation and progress of Sufism. Thus the carnal desires and tendency toward the (materialistic) world should not make us neglectful of this truth and also material problems and worldly affairs should not effect in our spiritual relations; therefore, the dervishes in financial affairs and buy and sell and borrowing should perform on the basis of the noble verse 282 of Surah of Al-Baqarah and keep within their eyesight the noble verse “And hold fast the rope of Allah all together and be not disunited” (Surah: Al-e-Imran, verse: 103).


9) The pilgrimage to the House of God and radiant Medina and Holy Shrines and the graves of the Guardians and the sacred shrine of Beydokht brings about serenity of heart and forgiveness of sins and perfection of the wayfarers. Pilgrims to the sacred Mausoleum in Beydokht which at the present time is a mausoleum of four of our spiritual Poles (Qubts), pay attention that during your stay (which should not exceed three days) refer to directions which this dervish has issued and has been posted in the shrine and rooms and pilgrims and servants should act according to it. Moreover, the beloved Beydokhtees, by participating in the Sufi assemblies and luster of that sacred shrine make it their own esteem aspiration. We should know that the God’s Guardians but all the believers in general wherever they are buried are not dead, rather they are alive and the Almighty God says about them “they are alive being provided sustenance beside their Lord” (Surah: Ale-Imran, Verse: 169). Therefore, our duty is clear during our presence in the sacred mausoleums to observe politeness and respect accordingly.


10) All the dervishes particularly the young generation and educated should know that in this era which is a period of scientific and communication progress, research and advancement of knowledge, and in particular, acquisition of learning and mystical awareness are necessary because it is a cause of purification of the theoretical intellect and is a cause of correct thinking. Therefore referral to books and library as an example libraries of this glorious order is necessary to increase the level of theoretical information because the Holy Koran states “Prepare your strength to the utmost of your power including tied steeds at the front, to frighten the enemies of Allah and your enemies” (Surah: Al-Anfal, Verse: 60). In this verse the Almighty God has pronounced the enemies of the believers aligned as his own enemies and one of the results for elevating the level of scientific knowledge of the dervishes as creating fright and fear in the hearts of the enemies as stated and thus with obeying the commands of the Almighty God with sincere intention and taking into consideration the Sufi precepts develop his own scientific intellect so that well being in the world and salvation in the other life and divine favor be allocated to them.


11) Ladies generally and particularly ladies who the Almighty God has granted them the favor of initiation to Gnosticism, should know that the Almighty God has made the existence of woman and man complimentary to each other and has stated: “They are an apparel for you and you are an apparel for them” (Surah: Al-Bagarah, Verse: 187) then both are patrons and complimentary and ornaments of each other and one of the characteristics of woman for man is the cause of tranquility and blessings and abundance that: “for that you find tranquility by them” (Surah: A-Rum, Verse: 21). In this verse we conclude that women must manage the family environment in such a way which brings about tranquility of spouse and their children and preserving the family’s secrets, are women’s duties. Thus, the women dervishes and faithful in observing sharia etiquette and preservation of veils and discipline and silence during attendance in Sufi gathering and husbandly affairs and training of children according to the precepts of sharia and etiquette of tariqa should endeavor to learn from ladies who were fore runners in this way such as Hazrat Fatemeh Zahra and Zainab Kobra (SA) and disciples of those honorable ones such as Fezzah Khadamah and Rabiah Adaviyah and the wife of Zohair bin Ghain.


12) The Holy Koran states: “And follow not that of which you have no knowledge. Surely the hearing and the sight and the heart; because all of them will be asked.” (Surah Al Israa: Verse: 36). From this verse it can be inferred that: controlling of the eyes and ears and heart must be cared for and also according to this verse any kind of adherence from ancestors on the basis of blind imitation and judgment and without-knowledge-and-awareness-fatwa and interpretation of Koran on the basis of personal opinion and accusation without investigation to God or the guardians of God and believers and finally to fabricate rumors particularly if it is to injure a believer’s prestige is a great sin. Unfortunately, in this era the agora for rumors is intense and instead of using modern and advanced information medium in the direction of increasing the level of science and research and matters of goodness it is used in the direction of destruction of real or legal personalities and backbiting and accusation and defamation and calumny and falsehood that all are of great sins and prevalent. Believers should note this noble verse: “Those who love to circulate scandal about those who believe” (Surah: Noor, Verse: 19) which for the propagation of any work and accusation among the believers has been determined torment in this world and other life. They should not pay attention to various rumors and not circulate them.


13) Attendance in Sufi assemblies on the nights of Fridays and Mondays has beneficial personal and social effects. The dervishes participate in Sufi assemblies with discipline and silence and observance of etiquette of Sufi assembly which has been reminded; and in the cities where there are Sheikhs and permitted congregational prayer leaders participate in congregational prayers and benefit from its blessings and goodness. The formers of the Sufi assemblies and those rendering services should know that the real owner of the assembly is Hazrat Moula and in this view with the upmost sincere intention and truthfulness, free from any kind of futile thought and personal views, should consider it a priority and responsibilities of themselves in participation in Sufi assemblies. The permitted congregational prayer leaders should perform within the limits and area of whatever they have been permitted and should know this service as grace of the Divine, and all the dervishes with upmost humbleness and courtesy and in relation to each other according to the same unity of manner and principle of mutual respect act and the permitted congregational prayer leaders whose permission is limited to a province or city or a specific area, besides that confined area not to establish congregational prayers unless they have been given new command and out of that region like other dervishes are respectful. Meanwhile refrain from any lectures. However if short and brief reminder was necessary it should be reminded outside the time of the assembly or before and after recitation of (Fatiha) of the assembly.


14) The reminding of the point that was important is that the Almighty God in the Koran states /span> "Surely, Allah commands you to fulfill trust obligations towards those entitled to them” (Surah: Nisa, Verse: 58) that safe keeping and return of any trust deposited to their owners is a responsibility of all believers and is of obligations and important praiseworthy qualities, even to the point, His Holiness Sajad (AS) says: if the murderer of my honorable father keeps the sword that has martyred my father, with me as safekeeping; anytime he claims it, I shall return it back, because it was kept in trustworthy. AAccording to the belief of the Twelver Shiites, this dervish’s great grandfather His Holiness Sultan Ali Shah the Martyr (may his great grave be sanctified) also has stated under that same verse in the exegesis of “Bayan-o-Sadah: “that the most important and most valuable trustworthiness is the guardianship who the owners of the original guardianship which is a divine trust entrust only to those who are trustworthy and eligible for this position and in the view of the fact that the Earth is never without a divine guide and never will be and in the absence of our master His Holiness Ghaim Ale Mohammad (May God hasten his appearance) the lineage of successorship will continue and will be preserved. In every era the divine representative according to the commands of the Almighty God will appoint his vicegerent and handover the custody of guardianship to him. And appointing such an individual never occurs with the recommendation of others and never will be so. Up to now, according to the divine predestined, for this dervish has not arisen on such subject and any kind of rumor or claim and assumption about this matter is false notion.

In conclusion I once again congratulate all; on the transition of the New Year. Let us all together and for all of us pray that the prayers of the believers in the right of each other is going to be accepted and request from the Kingdom of Truth and intercession clean spirits of prophets and Imams (AS) and previous Qutbs that God willing, the Almighty God removes misfortune and grants us welfare and security and comfort to all and cleans all kinds of darkness and displeasures and annoyances from our hearts, so that we live besides each other with affection and loyalty and peace and serenity and never forget the covenant of God and not transact that with un-valuable-price of material things and with the recitation of Koran and attention to the meaning of it, make the commands of God a program of our personal and family and social life, till God willing, our hearts be illuminated with the light of the blessed face of His Holiness the Master of the time (May God hasten his appearance) and all enmities be changed into love and friendship and everyone takes steps in the way of giving goodness to each other.


O’ our Lord, correct for us what is corrupted of our affairs and change our incorrect disposition to a better disposition and make the end of our work good, with your blessing, O’ You the most merciful.


Beseech for your prayerso:p>

Haj Dr. Nour Ali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah

1st of Farvardin 1394 (Solar calendar) 21st March 2015




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