Proclamation of 22 February 2016 (Dervish Day 1394)

His Honorable Hajj Dr. Nour Ali Tabandeh Majzoub Ali Shah





Oh, Allah! Amongst all your servants, we praise you. We love and respect all your creations and servants owing to Your Truth and Validity. Those who were introduced others as our enemies, due to this affection, we considered them as transgressive brothers and we hoped and we hope, the more they would realize this and diminish their annoyance and harassments towards us. Having no other choice, having this attitude, we were prepared to write a letter seeking justice similar to those wrongdoers, and submit it to authorities and the ones in charge of justice to eliminate oppression and injustice. They provoked our quiet and peace seeker crowd by their hostile behavior, however we did not leave our path and conduct, and we succeeded due to the divine will.

This day reminds us how we succeeded and will succeed as in friendship we are like clear water, and in defense we are like Granite and a sharp sword. Brotherly we warn that glorification of great Iranian Mystics (Urafa) is in fact the glorification of spiritual eagerness of the Iranian nation. Neither they be hostile nor do they let it be prevented by those narrow minded people with their superficial views.
May we be aware and see that how these superficial monopolized views in religion have made schismatism, hatred and bloodshed amongst Muslims. God willing, and with the hope of such a merciful day, we continue our path and conduct.


Haj Dr. Nour Ali Tabandeh, Mazjoubalishah

 Dervish Day, 22 February 2016 (3 Esfand 1394)




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تصوف ايران ۱۳۸۵

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