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The website of Tasavof of Iran ( is a cultural source to those who look for Sufi thoughts and documents.


Unfortunately, the contemporary Persian Sufi texts have not been translated into other languages so widely and, thus, non-Iranian researchers have not been adequately provided with these thoughts. Therefore, attempts were made to include, as much as possible, some of the relevant texts which have been translated, even partially, into such languages as English, French, Arabic, Russian, Urdu etc. so that the foreigner interested readers will enjoy a minimum benefit of the website contents.


The different sections of Tasavof of Iran website are as follows:


  1. Home (Persian and English): Including some generalities related to Iranian Sufism and Irfan

  2. Mystics order: The biography of Owlia (The Masters of Islam) since the period of Prophet Mohammad until now.

  3. Library: Consisting of the books of the past and contemporary Sufi Masters and the Greats

  4. Saleh's advice: A collection of a variety of textual presentations of the content and audio expositions of Saleh's advice - a concise book with few pages and deepest meanings

  5. Pictures: A collection of the photos of sacred places and mausoleums

  6. Declarations: Consisting of general instructions of the past and contemporary Sufi Authorities/Masters

  7. Connection: Consisting of general information and the addresses of some places

  8. Search: A tool for search within the website

  9. Guestbook: For leaving personal and public opinions

  10. Correspondence: A tool for corresponding with the website

  11. Sitemap: Consisting of the table of pages and texts

  12. Announcements: Including announcements and notices of the website


Generally speaking, monopolizing science, skills, and arts and avoiding sharing them with others smacks of niggardliness. Therefore, it has been mentioned in the footnote of the pages that every one is allowed to use and copy the materials, references, content, and the shape of the website if they observe moral rectitude.


Undoubtedly, the problems with the website abound and all are those of the director of the site. The visitors are kindly invited to inform him of them so that he will try to solve them.


It is hoped that this website will take a small step in providing researchers with Sufi texts.



English Books


The follwing books are accesible through


       Muslim Saints and Mystics (Tazkarotol-Oulia)


       Rose Garden (Golestan)   (1st English translation)

       Rose Garden (Golestan)   (2nd English translation)

       Gulistan   (3rd English translation)       pdf        word

       Orchard    (Bustan)


Masnavi i Ma’navi (English translation)

Discourses (Fihe-ma-fih English translation)
Ibn Arabi

       Tarjuman al-ashwaq (A collection of mystical odes)


       Joseph and Zulaika (English translation)


       The Epic of Kings       pdf         word    


  To download the books visit the English Book page of the site.

English Papers: 

Opening Statement of The 1st Annual International Symposium on:  Sey-yed Nourod-din Shah Nematollah Vali October 11-12, 2002,  Morris Dailey Auditorium, San Jose State University (SJSU), San Jose, California, USA


 Shi‘ism, Sufism and Gnosticism


Observations on the Meaning of Bay'at

Another Remembrance of Shah Nematollah Vali, 2nd Annual International Symposium of Seyed shah Nematollah Vali, University of Leiden, The Netherlands, October 11-12, 2003


Cultural Iran - Political Iran

Koran’s Constant Oration: For Fulfillment of Moral Excellence

To download and read the fulltext books and papers of Hazrate MajzoubAliShah in Farsi and English and French please go to the related section in this site


 ترجمه روسي  


ترجمه كتاب آشنايي با عرفان و تصوف به روسي در سايت تصوف ايران آماده استفاده  علاقمندان ميباشد.

Путь суфия, Введение в орден Ниматоллахи Султана Алишахи


ترجمه‌هاي اين كتاب به زبانهاي انگليسي  Sufi Path و فرانسه  La Voie Soufi نيز قابل دسترس در سايت تصوف ايران مي‌باشند.


براي ملاحظه كتابها به قسمت كتب حضرت حاج دكتر نورعلي تابنده مجذوبعليشاه مراجعه نماييد.

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